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what was students for a democratic society quizlet

In the decades since AIM's founding, the group has led protests advocating Indigenous American interests, inspired cultural renewal, monitored police activities and coordinated employment programs in cities and in rural reservation communities across the United States. Between the Kennedy and Roosevelt administrations, the government sought to terminate its trustee of Indian lands and relocate Indians to the urban cities. In the 1970s, homosexuals began an effort to win social and legal acceptance and to encourage gays to affirm their sexual identity. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. He lost the election to incumbent Richard Nixon. (1967) Short conflict between Egypt and her allies against Israel won by Israel; Israel took over the Golan Heights , The West Bank of the Jordan River; and the Sanai Peninsula. extremely effective in enacting rhetorical strategies that have brought about concrete changes in laws and policies that enlarge women's opportunities and protect their rights, four amendments that gave freedom of voting rights and equal protestion under the law to women and minorites, Did not pass, '73 Supreme ct decision that stuck down 46 state laws restricting women's access to abortion (highlighted divisions within women's mvmt, Supreme court case in which a texas woman's right to have an abortion was upheld., supremes declared unconst a texas law making it a crime to obtain an abortion except for purpose of saving woman's life. Therefore, Students for a Democratic Society called for the reformation of nuclear energy policy and armament in order to “avoid the unimaginable.” The writers of the statement saw American political bureaucracy, specifically within the Democratic Party, as the reason for the stalemate towards racial and economic progress. 1969 music festival attended by four hundred thousand young people in 1969 to celebrate their vision of freedom and harmony. United States labor leader who organized farm workers (born 1927), Organized Union Farm Workers (UFW); help migratory farm workers gain better pay & working conditions, Wanted to do stuff for Field worker / farmer Used MLK's ideology (wanted to mobilize individuals and organize) Tried to get equality for field workers / farmers Served during wwII His parents were Mexican Americans Founded national farm workers association His idea of success was having equality Implemented the marches in CA When people refused to work in fields, they would be arrested and/or beat Used tactics of Ghandi (hunger strikes) Met with kennedy; He died at 66 (1993); received an award from mexico for helping, organization of migrant workers formed to win better wages and working conditions led by Cesar Chevez. . Period of reduced tensions between rival nations. CH 38 All of the following were true of the Students for a Democratic Society EXCEPT a)launched in youthful idealism, like many of the cultural “revolutions” of the 1960s, it sputtered out in violence and cynicism. A new SDS group was also begun in 2006. 1968, in which American troops had brutally massacred innocent women and children in the village of My Lai, also led to more opposition to the war. Refined and adopted at the first Students for Democratic Society (SDS) convention in June 1962, the Port Huron Statement called for a "new left" committed, in the spirit of participatory democracy, to "deliberativeness, honesty [and] reflection." a youth-dominated political movement of the 1960s, embodied in such organization as Students for a Democratic Society and the Ree Speech Movement. In this photo, Robert Pardun, a leader in SDS, talks to members of the press at a roadside park near the … - New York city @ a bar called Stonewall Inn - Triggered activist protests among gays and lesbians - police raided gay bar - people fought back - became symbol of oppression of gays, began the gay pride movement. Democratic nominee in the Presidential election of 1972. The new reality of the world in which there were several great powers, not just two (China, Japan, Western Europe, the US, and the USSR), the first treaty between the United States and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics resulting from the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks. Published and distributed by Students for a Democratic Society 112 East 19 Street New York 3, New York Gramercy 3-2181 INTRODUCTION: AGENDA FOR A … Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) Nonviolent youth movement that tried to transform the United States into a "participatory democracy". Anarchistic group led by counterculture guru Abbie Hoffman, who sought to ridicule the political system during the Democratic National Convention by threatening to dump LSD in Chicago's water system and to release greased pigs into the city streets. By the 1960's, it became apparent that the policy was not working and it was crating a new class of urban poor. After the 1960s, America experienced the third wave of immigration because of the new immigration policy.Most of the latest immigrants were "non-white" or "people of color". Detente: US doesnt fight every war, teams up w/ other govt around the globe to achieve ends. In late 1973, OPEC took advantage of the October War and an oil embargo by its Arab members to quadruple the price of oil. After the U.S. backed Israel in its war against Syria and Egypt, which had been trying to regain territory lost in the Six-Day War, the Arab nations imposed an oil embargo, which strictly limited oil in the U.S. and caused a crisis. It spread to colleges throughought the country discussing unpopular faculty tenure decisions, dress codes, dormitory regulations, and appearances by Johnson administration officials. In 1890, after killing Sitting Bull, the 7th Cavalry rounded up Sioux at this place in South Dakota and 300 Natives were murdered and only a baby survived. The existence of cultural pluralism does not mean politics is organized around ethnic lines. Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) was an activist organization in the 1960s that protested the Vietnam War, racial injustice, and economic exploitation. The remaining four justices held that the use of race as a criterion in admissions decisions in higher education was constitutionally permissiblemit Bakkeschool?ce. Statements SDS Stands with Jacob Blake! In 1968 he unsuccessfully sought the Democratic Presidential nomination. In 1960, in an effort to broaden its appeal, it changed its name to Students for a Democratic Society and issued its famous Port Huron Statement – after the site in Michigan where it was issued. the scientific study of interactions among organisms and between organisms and their environment or surroundings (hint: study of the creek life), during the Vietnam War to reduce United States troop strength in Vietnam and train the South Vietnamese to take over the fighting themselves, Ohio college where an anti-war protest got way out of hand, the Nat'l Guard was called in and killed 3 students (innocent & unarmed,wounded 9) in idiscriminate fire of M-1 rifles. Upon landing on the moon, he proclaimed, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.". b)once at the forefront of the antipoverty and anti war campaigns, it had, by decade’s end, spawned an underground terrorist group called the Weathermen. Founded in 1962, the SDS was a popular college student organization that protested shortcomings in American life, notably racial injustice and the Vietnam War. The Movement was informally under the central leadership of Berkeley graduate student Mario Savio. Students for a Democratic Society. The main U.S. New Left organization, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), was founded in 1959 and issued its political manifesto, The Port Huron Statement, in 1962. "Peace With Honor" was a phrase Richard M. Nixon used in a speech on January 23, 1973 to describe the Paris Peace Treaty to end the Vietnam War. McGovern, supported only by minorities and low-income voters, carried only MA and Washington DC. formed to work for economic and legal rights of women. Berkeley Free Speech Movement (FSM) coalition of student groups that insisted on the right to campus political activity. Focus on negotiation to ease tension. Rallies against the war. Socialist politician elected president of Chile in 1970 and overthrown by the military in 1973. Whitehouse unit led by created by Nixon to discredit his opposition and ensure executive secrecy. SDS, founded in 1959, had its origins in the student branch of the League for Industrial Democracy, a social democratic educational organization. sds was the largest and most influential US radical student organization of the 1960s. . Under Walter Reuther's leadership, the UAW paid for a range of expenses for the 1962 … Courtesy Office of Sen. Tom Hayden. At its inception in 1960, there were just a few dozen members, inspired by the civil rights movement and initially concerned with equality, economic justice, peace, and participatory democracy. Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. AIM burst onto the international scene with its seizure of the Bureau of Indian Affairs headquarters in Washington, D.C., in 1972 and the 1973 standoff at Wounded Knee, South Dakota, on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Shaine Carroll-Frey 2 min read. United States biologist remembered for her opposition to the use of pesticides that were hazardous to wildlife (1907-1964), one of the first people to realize the global dangers of pesticide abuse (DDT). (p. 856). Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), American student organization that flourished in the mid-to-late 1960s and was known for its activism against the Vietnam War. 1972; Nixon feared loss so he approved the Commission to Re-Elect the President to spy on and espionage the Democrats. It led thousands of campus protests before it split apart at the end of the 1960s. He was rejected both times. Albert R. … Court case where the Supreme Court struck down state laws infringing on a woman's right to abortion during the first trimester (three months) of pregnancy. Why were the Students for a Democratic Society a significant group in the 1960s? The nickname came from the unit's assignment to plug government leaks. It was written by SDS members, and completed on June 15, 1962, at a United Auto Workers retreat outside of Port Huron, Michigan, for the group's first national convention. Students for a Democratic Society Founded in 1962, the SDS was a popular college student organization that protested shortcomings in American life, notably racial injustice and the Vietnam War. The sponsoring League for Industrial Democracy (LID) took immediate issue. Many key SDS members were "red-diaper babies," children of parents who were Communist Party members or Communist activists in the 1930s. Richard Nixon/republican vs. George McGovern/democrat= Nixon, With the McGovern campaign in shambles and the Watergate scandal contained, Nixon won overwhelmingly (61% and 520 electoral votes). An almost moribund organization of about three hundred students at the start of the decade, it grew to the point where probably well over fifty thousand people took part in the activities of local SDS chapters in 1968–1969. Seemingly contained, after the election Nixon was impeached and stepped down. Students for a Democratic Society across the nation continued the fight for the people’s. NOT-They organized an iconic three-day festival of countercultural music. Organize around these groups. The school reserved sixteen places in each entering class of one hundred for "qualified" minorities, as part of the university's affirmative action program, in an effort to redress longstanding, unfair minority exclusions from the medical profession. an Indian activist organization in the United States. Students for a Democratic Society was the largest – and arguably most successful – student activist organization in U.S. history. Longtime U.S. Congress member who also served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1949-1959 and the U.S. Senate from 1959-1971. domestic and international reaction (1965-73) in opposition to U.S. policy during the Vietnam War Vietnam War, conflict in Southeast Asia, primarily fought in South Vietnam between government forces aided by the United States and guerrilla forces aided by North Vietnam. Students for a Democratic Society on Quizlet. The forces quickly occupied the capital, renamed it Ho Chi Minh City and began he process of uniting Vietnam under Hanoi. Served as U.S. Attorney General from 1961-1964. A cartel of oil-exporting nations. Despite some advances, the movement was slowed by the onset of the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s and the insistence of the military on banning openly gay individuals from the armed services. The organization that really came to symbolize the core of the New Left was the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). Famous for being site of a student protest that ended with Mississippi patrolmen killing two students and wounding a dozen more, sparking nationwide student strikes. B) the Democratic party in control of both the Senate and the House of Representatives. a famous United States Supreme Court case. Young women who belonged to the 1960s counterculture movement often We are people of this generation, bred in at least modest comfort, housed now in universities, looking uncomfortably to the world we inherit. - Certain differences are salient. Term coined by historian Theodore Roszack describing hippies as a ". passed by Congress in 1968, guaranteed reservation Indians many of the protections accorded other citizens by the Bill of Rights, but which also recognized the legitimacy of tribal laws within the reservations. group that branched off of the SDS; advocated terrorism in the US to stop another Vietnam from happening; name came from Bob Dylan lyrics "don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows"; dwindle away after 4 of them die in an explosion in Greenwich Village. (1966) org. Secret documentary history of U.S. involvement in Vietnam, revealing a long history of White House lies to Congress, foreign leaders, and the American people. A) a society in which democratic institutions were fully protected from subversion by the international communist conspiracy. The Students for a Democratic Society ( SDS) was a student activist movement in the United States in the 1960s (1960 to 1969). Start studying Unit 4 test. Wrote Silent Spring., published silent spring altering the public of dangers of uncontrolled pesticide use. a youth-dominated political movement of the 1960s, embodied in such organization as Students for a Democratic Society and the Ree Speech Movement. He died during the military attack. This movement originated or was an extension of the Student League for Industrial... It is a paraphase of a statement made by British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli in 1878. late in April 1975, communist forces marched into Saigon, shortly after officials of the Thieu regime and the staff of the American embassy had fled the country in humiliating disarray. Students for a Democratic Society formed in 1959 as a nonviolent youth group urging political change. 38th Vice President of the United States, serving under President Johnson. Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) Port Huron Statement (June 15, 1962) Excerpts from the Original Electronic Text at the web site of the Sixties Project. Bakke's qualifications (college GPA and test scores) exceeded those of any of the minority students admitted in the two years Bakke's applications were rejected. A security gaurd foiled an attempt to bug the Democratic National Committe Headquarters, exposing the scandal. He also served two terms as a Senator in Minnesota. Bakke contended, first in the California courts, then in the Supreme Court, that he was excluded from admission solely on the basis of raDid the University of California violate the Fourteenth Amendment's equal protection clause, and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, by practicing an affirmative action policy that resulted in the repeated rejection of Bakke's application for admission to its medical Four of the justices contended that any racial quota system supported by government violated the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Their attention turned to opposition of the Vietnam War in the 1960s. Court said only legal though for 1st 3 months, an independent federal agency established to coordinate programs aimed at reducing pollution and protecting the environment. Allan Bakke, a thirty-five-year-old white man, had twice applied for admission to the University of California Medical School at Davis. Astronaut who became the first person to walk on the moon. Massacre in Vietnam, where soldiers gang-raped girls, lined up women and children in ditches and shot them, and then burned the village. are, Native Americans passed it To mobilize against the campaign to end all reservations and trust protections, condemned termination, called for review of federal policies and returned to self determination. Process by which companies move industrial jobs to other regions with cheap labor, leaving the newl deindustrialized region to switch to a service economy and to work though a period of high unemployment. Source: Students for a Democratic Society, The Port Huron Statement (New York: The Student Department of the League for Industrial Democracy, 1964). The Port Huron Statement was written in Port Huron, Michigan, at a meeting of Students for a Democratic Society. a subculture deliberately and consciously opposed to certain central beliefs or attitudes of the dominant culture, the culture of the young people who rejected mainstream American society in the 1960s, seeking to create an alternative society based on peace, love, and individual freedom. students for a democratic society SDS was the main organizational expression of the campus-based radical movement known as the New Left in the 1960s. The Free Speech Movement (FSM) was a massive, long-lasting student protest which took place during the 1964–65 academic year on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley. Secret informant who provided reporters Woodward and Bernstein with information about the Watergate break-ins. (S.Sgt. this handful of books and movement of sorts was influenced by radical american liberal individualism, "power" "sexy" "feministing", Women's rights movement that returned following the success of minorities in similar fights for equal rights, new wave of womens rights agitation dating from 1949; emphasized more lilteral equality that would play down domestic roles and qualities for women; promoting specific reforms and redefinition of what it meant to be female. coalition of student groups that insisted on the right to campus political activity. Youth culture that rejected the repressed authority of the established order and adopted love, cooperation, community and immediate gratification as their mantra. Alternative Title: SDS. For four days and nights, the members of an obscure student group, known as Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), talked passionately about such topics as civil rights, foreign policy, and the quality of American life. Nonviolent youth movement that tried to transform the United States into a "participatory democracy". The Port Huron Statement is a 1962 political manifesto of the American student activist movement Students for a Democratic Society. Justice Lewis F. Powell, Jr., agreed, casting the deciding vote ordering the medical school to adPowell argued that the rigid use of racial quotas as employed at the school violated the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. Students for a Democratic Society, a student activist organization that disdained permanent leaders and hierarchical relationships. Students for a Democratic Society & Ngo Dinh Diem Students for a Democratic Society Students for a Democratic Society, or SDS was a 1960s organization, or student activist movement. This huge increase had a devastating impact on the American economy., an economic organization consisting primarily of Arab nations that controls the price of oil and the amount of oil its members produce and sell to other nations. 3 day rock concert in upstate N.Y. August 1969, exemplified the counterculture of the late 1960s, nearly 1/2M gather in a 600 acre field. C) 100 percent participation from American colleges in the 1968 national Model Congress to be held in Chicago. He was also the younger brother of John F. Kennedy. Court said only legal though for 1st 3 months, supremes declared unconst a texas law making it a crime to obtain an abortion except for purpose of saving woman's life. Marielito is a term applied to roughly 125,000 people who fled to the United States from the Cuban port of Mariel as part of the exodus of refugees in 1980. German-born diplomat who served as National Security Advisor and later Secretary of State during the Nixon and Ford administrations. led by Mario Savio it protested on behalf of students rights. The Port Huron Statement, written by Tom Hayden for the Students for a Democratic Society, June 15, 1962. Attack launched by the National Liberation Front and North Vietnamese forces, attacking more than a hundred South Vietnamese cities and towns. They come to the New York out of different reasons. UW Parkside SDS condemns the Kenosha Police Department and their murderous actions resulting in the near-death of yet another Black man. acted from the liberal tenet that women and men are alike in important respects and, therefore, entitled to equal rights and opportunities. Break down into identifiable racial groups. a culture so radically disaffiliated from the mainstream assumptions of our society that it scarcely looks to many as a culture at all, but takes on the alarming appearance of a barbarian intrusion.". Late in the spring of 1962, five dozen college students gathered at a lakeside camp near Port Huron, Michigan, to discuss politics. to be against the war. Choose from 405 different sets of term:sds = students for a democratic society flashcards on Quizlet. Learn term:sds = students for a democratic society with free interactive flashcards.

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